Clen ECA stack cycling

  1. Clen ECA stack cycling

    This is coming from buddy of mine who is a pro bodybuilder in the UK

    I have looked all over the boards both here and over at and do not see this being practiced.

    However when i recently asked him for help in putting together a cutting plan he suggested a very different protocol to what seems the norm here 2 weeks Clen 2 weeks ECA

    He says Stack Clen and ECA together 5 days on 3 days off

    Has anyone here tried or tested this method? he awears by it and you certainly cant argue with his results


  2. clen and eca hit the same receptors, so you dont want to do 2 clen 2 eca, since the eca wont do ****, and then the clen after it wont do anything either.

    i dunno bout stacking eca and clen u should try clen alone first if u havnt alrdy, also i'd be careful with that kinda stack as the clen can give u palpatations like crazy and makes it run at like 120bpm all day, dunno how healthy it is for your heart to have it running like that and then elevating your BP...

    after using clen for 2 cycles i'm not gonna use it anymore, the sides for me sucked hardcore, muscle lock ups all over, including my abs, which was basically terrible.

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