can losing muscle make gyno look a lot worse

  1. can losing muscle make gyno look a lot worse

    I recently lost 15 pounds of muscle long story but I am not worried about that at all and have been taking clomid on top of it and belive it is causing me to get gyno but could it be my chest has shrunk and the gyno just looks worse cuase you never really see a big guy with bad gyno or at least what I have now and I have no letro or anything but do have test and might just go back on by the way I could care less about knocking out my natural hormones

  2. Yes, fat and muscle can have a way of hiding and disguising the gyno.

    And do not get back on Test. From reading your posts, you do not know how to run any of this stuff and you need to learn how to properly cycle. I can't believe your solution to your gyno problems is, "I'm just going to take some more test."

  3. Also bro, it doesnt appear that you have gyno in your profile pic. ???

  4. This guy man! For crying out loud!

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