1test/4-AD + Dbol Cycle/Winny

  1. 1test/4-AD + Dbol Cycle/Winny

    Exp. lifting = seriously for 4 years
    Exp. with PH/PS = done 4 1test/4-AD cycles, once stacked with winny.
    Height = 5' 11"
    Age = 29
    Weight = 174lbs
    BF = 12%
    Aim = increas lean mass with minimal fat gain
    Training = 9 Day split focussing on the compound lifts
    Cardio = 2-3 days a week for 30 mins @ low intensity
    Diet = moderate carbs & fats / high protein
    Supplements = multi-v, vit-c, vit-b, vit-e, r-ala, milk thistle, alcar.

    Planning one of the following subject to feedback/approval:

    CYCLE 1
    Week 1-4 25mg Dbol ED (first time with this)
    Week 1-6 10g 1 test/ 5g 4-AD


    CYCLE 2
    Week 1-3 25mg Dbol ED
    Week 1-6 10g 1 test / 5g 4-AD
    Week 4-6 50mg Winny ED

    Week 7-9 20mg Nolva ED + creatine + increase flax oil intake

  2. I'd say stack 1. Not that you can't bulk with Winny, but it'll be much simpler and very effective with d-bol for 4 weeks. I'd save the winny for a cut sometime

  3. I'd also say #1 because in choice 2 things seem to be to bunched up. If you were to do two I would run an 7 week cycle and it would look like this,
    Week 1-2 35mg Dbol ED
    Week 1-6 10g 1 test / 5g 4-AD
    Week 5-7 50mg Winny ED or 6-8

    My reason being it would give your liver a few weeks in between methyl's and give the winny an extra week past the 1test and 4ad to help solidify gains and maybe harden you up a little more.

  4. Thanks for the help.
    #1 it is.

  5. yea Numero Uno!, that will probably stress the liver out too if its all oral!

  6. Will the 1 test and 4ad help retain the gains from the dbol better than if you ran dbol only cycle? I know they say dont do an oral only cycle, but I have always wondered if stacking it with the 1 test and 4ad would help retain the gains? Thanks!


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