Decavol + 1,4AD

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    Decavol + 1,4AD

    I have tendon problems. They were mostly fixed by a cycle of 1,4AD @800mg but they are still mildly present and still keep me from lifting as heavy as I'd like. The smart thing would have been to take the 1,4AD for a lot longer than 6 weeks, but I didn't want the associated sides.

    So here's what my plan is for the next cycle, that will hopefully solve this for good:
    1,4AD @ 400mg for 6 weeks
    DecaVol UTT @ 2ml for the last 4 weeks

    The question is, bearing in mind I CAN'T just inject the real stuff because needles make me unconscious, should I add something like 4AD UTT to prevent sides? Specifically loss of libido and such that come from no test?

    Also this is a conservative dose, is there going to be major risk of progestin related sides? I'd like to just use Clomid and some natty booster for PCT if I can get away with it.

  2. dpfisher
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    The other thing I wanted to know is at what point do these stop working? I mean all the PH's require 17B from the body so you can't just keep adding more and still get results, at some point they won't convert. Is multiple PH's requiring conversion going to be a waste?

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    have you tried Cissus (non PH route) to solve your tendon problems?
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    PH's were the last resort after about a year of dealing with it. Cissus doesn't do crap. PT didn't help. Ibuprofen up to 2g a day (doctor's orders) does nothing. At this point I can get cortisone injections which will weaken the tendons further, deal with it, or use bold/nand which heal tendons. If injecting were an option, I would just do a real full length cycle no question.

    Edit: I should note that I don't really care if the stack is effective for building muscle. It would be nice, but as long as I can lift properly I can do that natural just fine so the main goal is LOW SIDES with MAX HEALING, growth is secondary at this point.

  5. you can add in 4ad (4-dhea)which may help. or you can also add in regular (an much cheaper) dhea. which can also help with libido.

    from what I noticed when i ran the old 4-andro diol, I could start out at a low dose (600mg) and notice effects, but very quickly (after the first few days) I had to ramp up the dosage by 200mg each day to where I was at 1000mg each day.

    so just a guess, as you have less of the enzymes to convert said hormone, you will need to increase the dosage.

    but everyone is different.

    as for sides. have you ever used any 19nor products before? that would be the only way to tell how you would do on sides. some have bad sides from even a low dose (like me) other dont get any sides.

  6. dpfisher
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    Yeah the only reason I mention the 4-dhea is that it comes in a package with the decavol, but I have to admit I don't have a clear understanding of the difference between regular dhea and 4-dhea. The idea was the 4 dhea would have less direct estro conversion (which would help limit sides) but I could be wrong. Most people who have used decavol seem to go with an AI at the end, which is something I'd prefer to avoid if I can get away with it.

  7. imo i wouldnt even worry with the 4ad just stick with the decavol and bold. i didnt really lose libido and you may not either but even if you do it will come back fine after the cycle. but if it really bothers you you could throw in the 4ad,dhea or some dermacrine the last would be my pick. goodluck with your tendon problems bold and decavol should help.
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