x-tren 4-ad cycle questions and review help

  1. x-tren 4-ad cycle questions and review help

    ok,so I am planning on starting a cycle on the 20th of this month and i wanted to put it out there for review,and also ask a few questions.so here goes

    My cycle;
    X-tren by cel= 90/90/90/90
    4-ad utt= 80ml/80/80/80
    clom**** 25mg ed for gyno prevention 9in place of low dose nolva to aviod pro-sides)
    cel cycle assit ed ( mlk thistle,hawthorne berry,acetly -l cistine,etc.)

    My pct=
    torem.120mg days 1-3/4
    90mg days 4-14
    60mg days 15-21
    30mg days 22-28

    sustain alpha lv 5 on 2 off ,for entire 4 week pct

    weeks 2-4 levithan reloaded (trib,forloskin,fat burner)

    Questions ;

    1. I have some exemestane on hand as a just in case,should i add it in any where or just keep it in case of gyno or bloat?
    2. Is any thing missing?

    thank you in advance for any input. Antdawg-


  2. no one even wants to flame me? where is everyone?

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