ams dienedrone

  1. ams dienedrone

    hey guys got a question regarding PCT while taking dienedrone by AMS.
    the cycle is for a 23 yo who will be on a 4-5 week cycle at 50mg (1 cap) / day.
    i've read that it can still cause gyno even though it can't convert to estrogen

    my question is would novadex xt by gaspari be enough to come off of for PCT?
    4 weeks 50 mg dienedrone
    week 5 50 mg dienedrone and start on novadex for 4 weeks after

  2. Gyno is prolactin related, most recommend p5p and vitex to combat it

  3. I took 100mg ed for four weeks stacked with LG methyl-1-d,it proved to be a good cycle.I ran a bottle of AMS arom-x for PCT and found it to be enough,so i would imagine Novadex to be surfice.

  4. thanks guys

  5. I would recomend a more in depth pct than that, no reason not to use serm IMO

  6. I agree to a point,maybe add some protodioscin or longjack...As for using a SERM i think it`s necessary,Arom-x is enough.

    If he were taking stronger DS or AAS or if he were prone to gyno then yes,but for Dienedrone,no,just my opinion though.

  7. Only reason I say this is shut down on tren is pretty rough in most cases I believe

  8. Believe me Dienedrone isn`t as strong as made out to be...Tren on the other hand is strong,meaning the AAS not the prohomone version.


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