Kilo Sport's TRENADROL? B.S. ?

  1. Kilo Sport's TRENADROL? B.S. ?

    I bought a bottle of Kilo Sports Trenadrol like 8 months ago and am curious what others have to say about this tren ph. is it a load of b.s. or not? i've read good and bad about it. i loved CEL's M-DROL -true ph/ds. but im thinking this tren is just a fake ph i was dumb enough to buy before researching. this ph is 17b-methoxy-trienbolone 30mg/60cap bottle. i heard you need to run it high, 60-90mg, for 4-6 weeks to get anything out of it.

  2. its not trenbolone, and it ain't "tren". its trenadrol, and nobody knows exactly what it converts to, but from every log i've seen, its not bunk.

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