Poll: Which cycle option do you think I should go with?

1st cycle 2nd thoughts

  1. 1st cycle 2nd thoughts

    I've been planning 6week H-Drol/Fura cycle for the past few months. I'm now considering changing the cycle. Here's the choices -

    A) keep the H-drol/Fura-
    HD: 50/75/75/75/75/75

    B) Epi Stand alone-

    C) Bold w/epi kickstart -
    EQ Plex: 800/800/800/800/800/800/1000/1000

    D) Bold w/epi in the middle -
    EQ Plex: 800/800/800/800/800/800/1000/1000

    E) Bold w/epi at the end -
    EQ Plex: 800/800/800/800/800/800/1000/1000

    Please mind this is my 1st cycle and the end goal LBM (bulk cycle), Diet is in check, PCT is covered, I'm 28 years old.

    Thanks Tan
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  2. dpfisher
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    Where's the poll option for "You are 6'2" 170lbs???"? I bet it would get a lot of votes.

  3. B and C look the best...A is more for a cut/recomp

    the others dont quite make sense putting the strong compound in the middle/at the end, and you probably dont need to go up to 50mg on epi, esp at your first try

    as dpfisher said though, at your height and weight you can probably attain your goals via natural pathway before doing a cycle

  4. Are you set against H-drol/EQ?

  5. My cycle start weight will be 175lbs. That's the goal I set when I was 150 lbs but thanks for the concern

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Harry Manback View Post
    Are you set against H-drol/EQ?
    Well I have seen people run that stack but that why would I want to run 2 coumponds that take 3-5 weeks to really start going?

  7. Maybe since it's your first cycle run just hdrol or epi standalone, that way you can asses the sides if any and know what is what doing

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Tansui View Post
    Well I have seen people run that stack but that why would I want to run 2 coumponds that take 3-5 weeks to really start going?
    Patience is a virtue.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Harry Manback View Post
    Patience is a virtue.
    I agree patience is a virtue. My understanding was that with longer acting compounds its best to start them with a faster compound to take advantage of all the on time opposed to stacking the end of the cycle with gains you haven't had time to become accustom too. I'm open to the idea but please illustrate why its a good idea. I'm not big on platitudes to live by

  10. honestly, buying 1 bottle of Epistane, dosing it from 20-40mg for 4-5 weeks might be much more cost effective and yield the same if not better results than the cycles listed above, considering your goals

    the bold epi combo might be sick as by the time the epi is done, the bold should be kicking in, but i really don't hear such "fantastic" things about bold (given, its got a good rep but pretty mild from what i hear)...it will also shut you down very hard over 8 weeks and PCT will be tough

  11. the answer is "C" but with a lot less Epi just started preloading log is here: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...-bold-epi.html
    Your fastest weight is your best weight
  12. dpfisher
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    Sounds like it should be pretty effective, good luck.

  13. Good luck with the cycle and whatever choice you make. Personally, coming from an athlete's point of view, I'd rather be 6"2 175 any day of the week than 5"7 175. I think my sister is 5"7 and she's in high school... So hit the gym hard, do a couple cycles, and when you're sitting around 6"2 210 6-8 months from now i don't think there will be a doubt what the better build is.


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