do i want AAS or GH?

  1. do i want AAS or GH?

    Hi boys, im looking to recomp (gain some muscle while losing fat.) would i be better off running a 12 week test enan/equipoise stack with first 4 weeks dbol and last 5 weeks winny cycle or should i go with 2 kits of gh?

    this will be my first steroid or gh cycle. ive only run a ph (tren+epistane) before.

    stats: 200 lbs, 12%, 5"11

  2. run 2 kits of gh along side test and eq. Lose the dbol. Remember, the gh increases your your amount of muscle cells, but it's the aas that builds the muscle. With that being said, the gh and test is perfect. Gh will definitely help drop bf and taking the EQ will enhance your rbc count and help you lean out as well.

  3. 2 kits is not nearly enough. HGH needs to be run 6+ months and at a moderate dose (4-5ius per day minimum) to reap any benefits.

    ur goal is the same as everyone else on this muscle and lose fat. put some realistic #'s on it.

    and why do u want to run 4 different AAS in ur FIRST cycle?

    what does ur diet look like?

    from my first impression, u expect to get what u want by throwing steroids at it.
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