Is this a pretty solid H-drol cycle? More supports??

  1. Is this a pretty solid H-drol cycle? More supports??

    Hey guys, first off let me say I have learned a ton searching the forums and love the great info!! Ok so im planning on running h-drol in two weeks and i wanted you guys to critique my cycle..

    H-drol 50-75-75-75-75-75
    cycle assist: use as described on label
    *have extra $$ to buy more supports if needed*

    inhibit-e: use as described on label
    reduce xt or supress-c: * I have both one from a previous cycle...Which one would be more effective?

    *have extra bills to buy more pct support if needed*
    dont want to get nolva though and dont think it is really required for such a mild compound..Let me know if my thinking is wrong

  2. if ur set on not buying a serm id reccommend at least a natty test booster IE CEL PCT assist or AI PCS/Stoked. i think sustain alpha nd CEl pct assist would be good

  3. Use the TRS for pct, I haven't seen a bad review

  4. I wouldnt take a PH without a SERM on hand, personally
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.

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