Some M-drol in the middle of Protodrol cycle?

  1. Some M-drol in the middle of Protodrol cycle?

    Im currently running Protodrol at 75mgs. Despite some headaches it feels good and Ive gained about 5 Ibs. Done 2 of 6 weeks. I would like to increase the gains a bit and thought about adding mdrol for 2 weeks in the middle of the cycle. Something like 10 mgs mdrol pwo and drop the proto to 50 during those weeks? Or maybe do 20 mgs mdrol on wo days and no proto those days? Any thoughts on this? Im running a full supportsupp line and will do a standard nolva PCT.


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  3. if you have never ran SD solo, then wait and run it by itself. no need to stack SD on a first cycle with it.

    stick with the protodrol at 75mg for 6 weeks.

  4. ive ran md before react well to the stuff and had bloodwork post cycle so i know how my body reacts.

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