My PCT experience...nads

  1. My PCT experience...nads

    Hey gang,

    I know that PCT questions are always being posted here, so I decided to share my PCT experience.

    I did M1T/4AD for 3 weeks and made tremendous gains (with little side-effects).

    I have been using Clomid for my PCT for the past 3 weeks (150mg and dropping it down to 50mg over 3 weeks).

    During the first week of being off the prohormones and using Clomid, my sex drive was all but gone, and I felt tired and lethargic. After about 2 weeks of PCT, my sex-drive finally came back in full force!!!

    I just thought I'd share my experience for those who have had PCT questions regarding when their nads and sex-drive will return.

    I'm planning to do another 3-week cycle in May and will likely try using both Clomid and Nolva for PCT.


  2. Good to hear the boys came back!

    What were your total gains after pct was through?

  3. just gonna use nolva first time around.....then gonna try nolva/clomid next cycle just to see how i react so i can find whats best for me

  4. Quote Originally Posted by -2z-
    Good to hear the boys came back!

    What were your total gains after pct was through?
    I added about 5 pounds of muscle...since I'm fairly lean, I was extremely happy. All of my pressing movements increased as well, and I haven't lost any strength.


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