hey i need a little help on my cycle

  1. hey i need a little help on my cycle

    this is my first cycle i was looking to put on size and cut up at the same time so would this be a good cylcle for that

    test ehanthate 500mg a week for 1-10
    eq 250mg week 1-10
    winstrol 50mg week 7-10
    proviron not sure how much
    nolvadex just in case on hand
    and clomid post

    im doing two shots a week of test how many times a week for eq and winstrol

    200 lbs 12-14 % bf 6'2 lifting about 3 years

  2. Looks like a little too much for a first cycle but that's just me. I'd do enanthate solo and worry about the cut after PCT. It's not uncommon to gain around 30lbs on a first cycle with just enanthate. See how it goes then maybe add something next go round. At least, that's what I would do.

  3. with a solid diet and training, you will be able to gain ridiculous amount off your first cycle with 1-2 compounds. keep the enanthate. the idea of winny to finish off the tail end of your cycle is a good one. you would have to take those 50mg ed or eod. your eq (unless its a high concentrated UG) should be 200mg per mL. u coudl split that to 2 - 1/2 cc shots along side your 1cc shots of enanthat. I would either up the eq to 400mg/week and drop everything else other than enanthate, or do enan w/ winny at the end. not all three

  4. ok thanks im just going to do the test and winny at the end but should i use proviron in my cycle to block estrogen

  5. 1. no need for proviron for a first test cycle
    2. run winny 2 weeks past your last enan shot, so it would be 7-12 (or 6-12, or 8-12)
    3. if you want to use EQ, use at least 400mg weekly
    4. no need for clomid if you have nolva, I would use that post cycle
    5. if you can, get some HCG and use during cycle a couple hundred iu's

  6. I like the test and winny suggestion, but I like EQ myself. Winny makes my joints hurt like hell.


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