6wks done, time for Nolvadex

  1. 6wks done, time for Nolvadex

    Well as of today my first cycle ever is coming to a close. For six weeks Iíve been using T-Gel with a 1-Test, 4-ad & 4-oht mix. Saw some great gains strength wise as well as some muscle gain.

    Only sides to report was my face got a bit bloated but other then that everything is functioning normally.

    So now its time to use the Nolva that I bought when I started the cycle. I went with Lion's Nutritionís Tamoxifen Citrate in "Fruit Punch" flavor. Gonna use the dropper that came with it.

    40mg for week 1 & 2

    20mg for week 3 & 4.

    Sound good? Just double checking to make sure I can remember my plans from 6 weeks ago. Also about how long on avg. until Iíll start losing some of that water in my face?

    Thanks guys.

  2. pct sounds good to me and from my past experience, the water left after a few days or a week at max. Just a suggestion, but if you aren't sure what the plan was from six weeks ago, you should keep a log or journal with the plan layed out. I used to keep a log of my food as well....need to restart that....sigh.....but the really dedicated will keep one and it makes a difference. I know mentally where I am usually at so I do ok, I eat the same stuff usually anyhow. Congrats on the good cycle tho and hope you keep most of it.

  3. Thanks for the reply and info boomr. Good to hear the water weight should decrease inside of a week or so.

    I was kinda kidding when I said I couldn't remember what the plan was. I did end up writing down a plan before I started so I could see everything clear. Good idea about keeping my food intake written down etc. definitely something to consider when its time for the next cycle.

    Now the toughest part will be deciding whether to go with another t-gel or maybe move on to something else. Decisions decisions...

  4. The water falls off in 1-2 days for me, dont let the loss of a few lbs scare you. You'll look & feel better when you're no longer bloated.

    I think you can get by with only 10mg nolva in week 4 (same as you planned in weeks 1-3). Thats how I dose it, anyway.

  5. Congrats on the gains!
    How much weight did you gain?



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