epi/tren cycle question HGC on cycle also (SERM aloxifene and arzoxifen)

  1. epi/tren cycle question HGC on cycle also (SERM aloxifene and arzoxifen)

    Not my first epi/tren cycle. Planning ahead for March 1s cycle

    Previously on epi/tren i have had my blood drawn after cycle to find that i had been especially hard shut down (total test 7.. ughhh)

    Want opinions on using HGC on cycle to help prevent this

    Buddy of mine suggests

    Day 1 on cycle then every fifth day. 500ius hcg. Its a must.

    PCT Use proviron and clomid 100 50 50 25 probably add Natty Test Booster either Activate X or DIESEL test pro cycle

    He also says pros now using new age SERMS "pros use raloxifene and arzoxifen" any thoughts? not a lot of info on these boards

  2. Is he a pro? if not then what he says pros do doesn't mean crap. And pros don't do epi/tren cycles either so like it matters.

    for HCG i'd dose 250-500iu 2x a week. Probably 500iu 2x is best.

  3. yes he is a pro in the UK and no he just giving me advice, orals are not his cup of tea as you state. His input was "Day 1 then every fifth day. 500ius hcg. Its a must."

    Just advice but i defer to anyone with more experience using PH orals


  4. any thoughts

  5. Still looking for some input on this

  6. id run it 500iu 2xs weekly starting the second week.. i mean u can run it the first weak.. but i dont see much of a need,,, use clomid for pct.. w/ sum activate xtreme + diesel test pro cycle+ mass fx + toco-8.... guarnteed ull bounce back in pct far better then your last pct... a good post cycle.. is as beneficial as a good cycle.. dont skimp on pct.. especially if you know your gonna be shut down bad


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