How to dose 10mg caps of phera?

  1. How to dose 10mg caps of phera?

    Last time I took phera they came in 15mg caps. I would then just take 2 12 hours apart. This time they came in 10mg caps. What would be better?
    Take 2 1st thing in the morning before my work out and then 1 12 hours later or take 1 every 6 hours.

  2. if you're goin to dose 30mg out all 3 caps thru out the need to take 2 at the same time in the am

    and keep it consistant thru out your whole cycle

  3. Thank you.

  4. no prob bro...good luck with your cycle and sfw..!!!

    just out of curiosity...what does your pct look like?

  5. Nolva 40/20/20/10

  6. Before I posted in here I sent a rep for CEL this same ? and they came back and said to take two doses 20mg's before work out and 10mg's 12 hours later. Does it really matter?

  7. 3 times a day equally split up will maintain a more even plasma level of the substance, however the difference will not be all that radical. It's at your convenience.

  8. Ok thanks

  9. I personally like to spread out the doses through out the day and keep it consistant thru whole cycle....please add more goodies to your pct as well...

  10. What do you think I should add?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Justing2 View Post
    What do you think I should add?
    pre load milk thistle before cycle and take thru out the whole cycle...

    maybe throw in a low dose of an ai...I use formex...ramp up and tapper down...I do it since this compound is wet (gets me bloated) for pct just for the ai looks like this...

    1 pill for wk 1
    2 pills for wk 2
    2 pills for wk 3
    1 pill for wk 4
    1 pill eod for wk 5+

    throw a natty test booster as well...something like diesel test hardcore or fenugreek...or get something like cycle support and post cycle support from anabolic innovations...

  12. As I understand these substances, they ramp up the bodies abillity to use protien and spped up the recovery process of torn down muscle fiber. (in a nutshell) To promote growth/healing it would make sense to keep a consistant amount in ones system. We lift for around 2 hrs and have 22 hrs to heal. Add the occasoinal day off for extra sleep-more healing.

    Personally I pulse. But will dose the night before I lift, and the eve. after to help promote healing.

  13. Forgot to mention that I am taking cycle support through the cycle and Ive gone back and forth on using letro every 3 days at .25mg. I do have some very small gyno lumps from a bad mdrol cycle I did about 6 months back so I still have some letro left over. I was only going to use it if the gyno started to flare up during my cycle or use nolva at 10mg's.

  14. if you use the letro...tapper off at tail end


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