HELP! Injury 2 days into Superdrol 10mg run!

  1. Exclamation HELP! Injury 2 days into Superdrol 10mg run!

    Alright guys. Freak deal here. Took 10mg DS Superdrol last night and 10mg this morning. All support supps & diet good. I have a history of back problems and had a significant lower back injury this morning. I know cycle is over but I need my pain meds. I have a non-narcotic pain medication- Ultram-(aka-Tramadol). 50mg pills. I can't get a cortizone injection for 2 weeks and I need to know if I can take this tonight without any serious health risks. I know we aren't doctors but many here know a bit more about this kind of dilema than my doc would. Peace out and until next time, angel77

  2. Why not just postpone the cycle?

  3. ^^^^agree. just stop the SD, cause it hasnt even had a chance to make an effect on your body yet. so its not a big deal. get your back healthy and then run it. good luck
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  4. that is very dangerous for your adrenal!

  5. i agree, it is. but if he runs it while not lifting it will be pointless. and he only took 20 mg
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