Need feedback

  1. Need feedback

    I have a few under my belt.
    Stats 5'10 210lbs 8% if that.

    Goals just wanna be 220 shredded no need for much

    Weeks 1-8 prop 50mg ed
    weeks 2-8 winny 50mg eod
    Weeks 3-8 masteron 50mgs ed
    weeks 3-8 anavar 50mg ed


    hcg 1000ius mon and thurs 3 weeks
    clomid and nolv

    Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated!

  2. I think you are using more than you need. I would just use the prop @ a slightly higher dosage and the anavar and I think you could definitely achieve your goal.

  3. to many orals to
  4. too many orals?

    Quote Originally Posted by maggmaster
    to many orals to
    The only oral is anavar....everything else is injectable

  5. Ok but winny and masteron(I think) are both 17AA so you are stacking 3 17AA compunds and your liver probably wont like that much



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