Official Word on New IDS Mass Tabs vs Old Mass Tabs

  1. Official Word on New IDS Mass Tabs vs Old Mass Tabs

    Well, I frikin new the first time I took the new "tabs" that it wasnt the same as the old, but I still did a couple cycles regardless since I bought so damn much of it having loved the original release.

    Well, as you all may or may not know, IDS sent out the official recall letters to customers weeks ago, and I've been in discussion with the president of the company over the ordeal.. He asked me why he should refund me for an old box of the tabs I sent along with my remaining bottles, which obviously I respond why not? You said it's the same formula new and old, and FDA said there's superdrol, a steroid, in them.

    "The new ones don't have the same actives as the old ones did.." was his response "..and superdrol is not a steroid, so no we didn't sell you steroids not by our standards and not by FDA standards"

    I respond "well, today is Jan 4, yes? so yes, in fact it is an illegal steroid, be it you sold it a year ago, five years ago, or next week.. So you admit the new batch was superdrol... how much? WTF were in the old ones??"

    at first he fumbles with sutters, mad obviously he gaveup the fact that the new mass tabs were different.. "...I dont even know what was in the originals, I wasn't affiliated with the company at that time"

    (he signed on board and became president in a matter of less than 2 years??)

    So I push him a little further, "Well you are with the company now, and so you are fully aware that your website as well those bottles of new mass tabs claimed to be the original formula, and now you just told me thats a farce.. So, instead of complaining about a few of the bottles I sent you being empty and trying to tell me I'm not getting a full refund, how about you just do as we originally agreed, I get all my money back, and I won't take any further action with this knowledge I just learned... And I will take action."

    So thats how the story goes, still dunno if old mass tabs were really methylsten, IDS always been shady, but I know it wasnt a lie when he said the new and old ones differ, because I've taken them both and one tab a day of the old mass tabs made you feel and end up looking amazing, and the new ones did JACK SH*T. Oh, and my FULL refund will be in the mail this week

  2. Both were tested against each other and were confirmed to have the same compound in both. Patrick Arnold tested them and confirmed it was SD.

  3. and superdrol isn't on the ban list as far as I know it was only three compounds, phera, bold, and dienolone precursor (tren)

  4. blah... well, at least I sounded smart on the phone, right? either way I get my money back.. And I don't trust what Patrick Arnold says on most anything, but that's just me. That, and once again I've taken them both, he hasn't and we all know you can "feel" what compound you are on.

  5. I've heard that sd was added to the list at the last minute!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!



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