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  1. OG Superdrol + Anadrol Log

    Alright...a while back I asked AM's opinions on this & decided I would go ahead and experiment. I'll be running a AX Superdrol 3-4 weeks between 10-20mg. I have about a week's worth of A-50 left from a while back and its just sitting in the freezer wasting. I'm actually just looking to make use of them somehow, and as for the obvious- get more anadrol- well I can't as my source isn't available anymore. Anadrol will be added into the earlier portion of the cycle and mainly on the days major muscle groups are worked (debating whether to break the tabs in half or just do an entire 50 for these days) to aid in recovery.

    Concerns: Hepatoxicity...SD alone has a reputation for taxing the liver and the addition of anadrol, even spaced throughout, may yield diminishing returns considering the risks. I'm actually somewhat nervous as I've never stacked 2 methyls before, but- I know if I do this in moderation and remain smart it should be a smooth ride. Had basic bloodwork done pre-cycle- all is normal and BP was very good, which is a concern for me. I only have about 6-7 weeks worth of test e on hand, which is not nearly enough to incorporate and would rather save it for when I can get more- so there will be no test base.

    Aim: this will be a lean bulk/recomposition cycle. Normally my "maintenance" calories are 3800-4500 ED, during the winter. Usually I'll keep cals at 4k+ on cycle, but its time to shape things up a bit. I was sitting at about 229/230 pre-cycle and it is day 3 and I am now about 232. Will be doing cardio 3-4 times a week. Keeping protein intake at 350g minimum. Caloric aim will be 3500.

    Pre-cycle stats:

    Support Supplements:
    Fish Oils
    Flaxseed Oils
    Hawthorne Berries
    Saw Palmetto
    Grapeseed Extract
    Sam-e w/ joint-support (had to drop this, it contained a sulfate that supposedly raises BP and my BP was getting bad as is on cycle)
    Multi-Vitamin of choice
    Milk Thistle
    Immune System Support (pomegran., Vit C, etc.)
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  2. Legs today...no PRs, everything normal

    the addition of Anadrol (25mg),however, seemed to provide an unusually great leg pump...quads looked glorious after squats

  3. i have some og superdrol waiting to be ran, and i'm interested to see how you do with it. sub'd.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dsc08c View Post
    i have some og superdrol waiting to be ran, and i'm interested to see how you do with it. sub'd.
    me too. i'm stacking it with tren, though i think i'm going to pulse the SD with it.

  5. honestly, let me say this...

    i ran mdrol for the first time ever a few months back, and from my experience I was dissapointed....not bashing Mdrol as a whole

    10mg of OG super just within a few days feels good and I doubt I'll be going beyond 20mg as there wont be much of a need...its prime stuff

  6. Is this the original AX SDrol or the NG?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by KimboBatista View Post
    Is this the original AX SDrol or the NG?
    really, what do you think? lmao.

    good luck, i'd say break the a bombs in half. that plus the sd should be killer. (figuratively)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    really, what do you think? lmao.

    good luck, i'd say break the a bombs in half. that plus the sd should be killer. (figuratively)
    lol yup, its the OG not the NG...I'm not positive whats in NG, but I'm assuming it would be some blend involving DHEA or something similar to halodrol liquidgels

    thanks jay, it should be a great cycle as long as the sides are kept at bay

    interesting thing I vaguely remembered reading, superdrol is actually derived from the formula used to make Anadrol...just a brief search led me to an archive in a forum that stated the following:

    "Superdrol gets its name from the fact that it is a super-saturated, or 2-reduced, form of Anadrol. Anadrol has a =C-OH at the 2nd position, and if this is totally saturated (reduced) with hydrogen, it gives -CH3. Another way to describe it is that it is a 2a-17a-dimethyl of drostanolone (Masteron). Masteron has a single methyl group at the 2nd position. Superdrol is a modification of this structure by adding another methyl group at the 17th position, like M1T or M-Dien. However you may wish to look at it, it is by this simple-looking transformation that Superdrol comes to occupy the sweet spot between the chemical natures of Anadrol and Masteron."

    though they are similar, i know slight alterations in chemcial formula can completely morph that nature of a compound, but in my head i was always curious if these 2 compounds would be somewhat synergistic

  9. trying to be as smart about this as possible, so i've been critiquing my original layout with additional reading...

    so it seems some think when running 2 strong methyls at lower doses in the same cycle, that it's better to alternate one out when adding the other... i.e. superdrol 5x a week, and anadrol x2 a week=7 days low doses...in this instance im assuming their logic is that by avoiding taking both harsh orals on the same day, stress will be reduced on the liver

    sounds OK in theory, but im not sure how i feel about pausing the dose of one to add in another temporarily, seems pretty unorthodox and might create a lapse in the effective saturation of the SD...then again, im seeing others who would run one compound for the first 3 weeks and the other straight for the 4th week, but that seems pretty useless as that's not nearly enough time for the second compound to be effective

    in my head the drol is causing more hassle than needs be and intuition suggests that its best left out, but i am hoping that by pulsing it 2 times a week, on top of a low dose of SD (each spaced about 8hrs), hepatoxicity should be reasonably reduced and the additional of drol will noticeably contribute in recovery...given the liver will undeniably be stressed

    my apologies for the philosophical BS, opinions on this mambajamba?

  10. run them both is what i'd go with. no need to make them complicated. 20mg sd split in half.

    10mg sd & 25mg adrol pre workout

    10mg 8 hrs later.

    run it for 4 weeks. followed up with a solid pct with plenty of liver detox involved.

    i'll be following this, as I'm curious how a low dosed anadrol will go stacked.

    i know phera an sd are awsome, so................

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    run them both is what i'd go with. no need to make them complicated. 20mg sd split in half.

    10mg sd & 25mg adrol pre workout

    10mg 8 hrs later.

    run it for 4 weeks. followed up with a solid pct with plenty of liver detox involved.

    i'll be following this, as I'm curious how a low dosed anadrol will go stacked.

    i know phera an sd are awsome, so................
    well put...no need to complicate things.

    anyhow, the stuff is kicking @ss, did chest today
    10mg SD 1:00PM (yeah, i wake up late on break haha)
    25mg Anadrol pre-workout 8:30PM

    Raped flat bb bench. Picked 275 off the rack and thought it felt stupid-light, so I decided not to expend too much effort and racked it after a few easy reps. Saving energy for the heavier sets...normally ill finish with 3 plates for 2-4 struggling reps. I yoked out 6 on the first set and 5 on the second...Chest looked thick as hell at the end of the workout- abombs have been delivering good pumps.

    no sides as of yet as i dont expect any this early, but it seems about an hr after i take the drol my face gets pretty flush and my body generally feels warmer...signs of BP spike? maybe

    and im usually not one to say this, but anadrol is the first steroid i feel that has induced a degree of "aggression"...never in the past (superdrol, test, dbol...etc) any of these have made me mentally geared/anxious in the gym as this, good stuff

  12. dang, sounds awsome, now you really got me curious.

    dont know about the flushing. could be the bp. any dizziness or wierd vision problems?

  13. Day 5

    Arms today...10mg of SD only (no anadrol)...kept calories low today, and even with that i was cranking out more reps than i would normally do, very good pump

    So as a side note to this experiment...the AX superdrol is working great on itself, just 5 days in

    no sides

  14. 235.5 this morning

    back today...+30lb increase on rows (not really a true measure as I used the seated Hammerstrength row today as my erectus spinae were very tight after DL + lower back extensions), nonetheless, there was an increase in strength present) muscles looking more dense/filled and as a result vascularity is becoming more profound

    no anadrol today...i have to mention, took 10mg of SD around 230PM, lifted around 830...at this time i felt a very intense headache which lasted through the workout...when i was done lifting i bent over to get my gym back and saw some blood spilling on the floor...intense nosebleed

    unrelated? most likely, though i do find myself to oddly get more unprovoked nosebleeds than usual on cycle...i attribute that high BP from what ive been reading and possibly over-exerting myself...hope its nothing

    other than that, feeling good, slightly stronger, definitely leaning out and the SD+Abomb combo is making it so that no muscle mass is being sacrificed in the process...it seems to also really be improving my cardio as well

  15. as of sometime yesterday, there seems to be a small discolored "mark" near the right side of my left nipple...its not fibrous and seems to be on the surface...there was no preceding phase of itchyness or tenderness

    the only "pain" at the moment is probably fabricated in my head from being paranoid...i think its nothing, esp considering the chances of a lump forming in about a week with only a small dose of an aromatizing steroid are slim

    just to be safe, took 20mg of Nolva last night, looks as if it might be a hair growth/pimple "conveniently" placed by the nipple

  16. nosebleeds eh? sucks, i've never got one, I just get blurry vision when the bp is cranking.

    be careful though, dont wanna over do it.

  17. nose bleeds seemed to disappear...this is without any change in support supps (keeping hawthorne berries at 1100mg)...i'm assuming that my body is assimilating well to the compound after about a week and the haw. berries is fully saturated and doing its job

    239lbs as of this morning (9+lbs roughly)
    however, weight has been teetering up and down as im dropping some bf while adding on some lbm i suppose (the weigh gain is mostly glycogen)

    The "mark" seems to just be an awkwardly placed pimple and is fading on its own (fingers crossed)...aside from occasional headaches, there presently are no sides. Retaining water-->ehh maybe a little. I notice some bloat post w/o when i dose the Drol and it sticks for about 24 hrs and then seems to "dry away".

    Anadrol has been run 3 days so far in this 9 day period at 25mgs each day. It seems to provide a noticeable boost pre-workout, esp. on leg & chest day. It def. contributes a nice pump and recovery the following day is amazing. Not to mention, the SD & Drol strangely have aided in my cardio which is typically not said of these 2 compounds in regard to cardio.

    The SD itself is doing a great job. I'm staying focused on a recomp., so what the scale says doesn't necessarily phase me. If i end up at the same weight I started at with less bf and more strength- I'm a happy camper.
    - feeling fuller
    - looking leaner & more vascular
    - gradual but noticeable gains in strength

    Calories are being kept at 3500 on most days (major days like legs ill allow 4k-4200). Protein intake is 300g minimum (theoretically I'm supposed to be ingesting about 400g ED, but I really don't want to strain the liver any more than necessary, esp. if I am seeing results at 300-350g daily). I also like to consider that though I'm about 240, I'm also about 16% bf, so in terms of LBM I'm actually about 201lbs of solid muscle. I feel confident that 300-350g of protein is enough to sustain my lbm- as for the rest of the bulk I could care less. Any thoughts on this?

    PS, I'd like to go for 405 1 rep on flat bench next chest day and maybe 500 for a parallel squat in about 2 weeks from now.

  18. Great log man and enjoy reading your findings.

    Ps 201lb isnt entirely muscle, you forgot to take into account bones but nonetheless good job man and keep it up.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by brockles View Post
    Great log man and enjoy reading your findings.

    Ps 201lb isnt entirely muscle, you forgot to take into account bones but nonetheless good job man and keep it up.
    haha yeah sry i thought that was implied, will edit

    appreciate it, i just hope everything stays a smooth ride...ill be dosing 25mg Drol today for legs

  20. 238 this morning

    Legs today: 25mg Anadrol PM + 10mg SD AM
    - today was actually a crappy lift. I was stiff as hell (which is my own fault) and getting parallel was such a pain in the @ss. So I dropped the ego, and put on less weight and went a little higher in volume. I really don't see a point in slapping on more weight if I'm not doing something correctly, even with the mentality that I'm on cycle and looking to smash PRs...so I played it smart and did what I had to do
    - sorta a waste of the Drol, but I must say it feels like it lubricates the joints to some extent which feels great as my joints are pretty crispy at this point

    leaning up pretty well considering its only been 10 days, its mostly the diet but again the compounds are whats making it possible to maintain the size/strength while reshaping
  21. 405 baby...PR

    Went max. effort on bench today- raped 385x1. I was real nervous about putting on 405 b/c of some very odd discomfort in the pocket between my upper-outer portion of the chest and my front delt. I'm assuming it has to be tendons- perhaps rapid muscle growth putting too much strain on lagging tendon growth? Then again, its been less than 2 weeks so how much muscle growth has actually happened? Anyhow, it hurts when I was benching deep into the hole (at the bottom of the movement).

    Grew some balls and went for it. Pushed out 405x1- my new max. Previously I've done 365x2, so I am definitely giving this stack some credit. So f'n happy- I didn't think I would attain this PR for a few more years. Ruined the rest of my workout though, had to go extremely light on everything else b/c the pain wasn't necessarily awful but I didn't want to make things worse.

    -10mg of SD AM & 25mg of Drol PM (pre-workout)
    -Weight about the same 238ish. A little bloated today due to super carb-loading for my max effort day.

    Sides: Joints feel sh!tty. I had to discontinue my joint support a few days ago b/c I read that a certain sulfate in it actually raises BP temporarily and I am already experiencing enough BP issues. At this point I'm debating if its worth getting a new joint supp. since by the time it reaches me the cycle will be almost done and the supp. won't have enough time to saturate. Other than that- the supposed tendon pain, but that's it. I'm hoping its some sort of muscular strain instead and the gear will actually help repair this.

  22. It seems like there's a decent amount of viewers but I didn't think I would be posting this frequently- the synergy of this stack is really impressing me though...

    ...Managed to rev. grip row 385x4 which is a new PR for me. Just lately I've been able to pull out a ****ty 365x4, but this was a +20lb increase and was very clean. I don't really consider lat pulldowns an exercise to attribute PRs with, but I was about 3-4 reps better than usual.

    Everything else was just nice and smoothe. I'll go real heavy on the compound movements like rows, and then just really stretch the fascia and work good form with the supplementing exercises. Ridiculous pump (the good one).

    239...I have a feeling this will be the "sticking" point on the scale- I don't care. I'm pleased with gaining minimal weight as it is very clean for my standards and strength is coming in nicely. Definitely trimming bf and seeing some good definition, (mostly due to the change in diet) but the compounds are really holding onto the lbm while recomping.
    Went a little out of control last night and got pretty high after the gym so lol things like poptarts & pepperoni combos were eaten in mass quantities. I tried to make myself feel better by throwing some protein bars in there, haha.

    As of yet, just sh!tty joints. Keeping my fingers crossed as I'm usually a magnet for sides but despite how harsh these 2 compounds are, I "feel" good...honestly minimal lethargy and libido actually seems fine. Call it a placedbo effect, but I feel like my heart races like crazy about an hr after I take the Drol or my second dose of SD. Strangely, my BP is actually in the normal range however (I can't remember what it was)- I had it taken at the gym pre-workout even when I was ancy and it was mildly elevated- will check it again in a few days.

  23. Day 16

    Synopsis: BF continues to drop and weight is stabilizing at about 240. I am more lean at 240 now, however, than I was at 230 (that sounds exaggerated, but its true). Waist is thinning and there surprising rebound in definition on the stomach. Strength is up overall.

    Sides: On the surface, they seem minor. My biggest concern is the soreness in the pocket between my upper-outer portion of the chest and my front delt. I'm skeptical it might be some weak tendons.
    -Joints are very dry.
    -Today I had a painful "pump" in my shoulders when training delts. This was very strange to me & coupled w/ the tendon issues in that area it made the workout pretty shtty. Back pumps are mild so far and I have occasional shin pumps.
    -Other than that, things "seem" OK, though I'm sure lipids and BP probably arn't doing too well.

    I'm going to let it ride a few more days to see if there are any additional gains coming or if the sides are just escalating to the point where its not worth it. I would really like to go a full 4 weeks, continue to drop more BF, re-shape some more, and hold on/improve strength in some areas.

    The Anadrol is being pulsed on average twice a week at 25mgs each day. I feel that it works great pre-workout and is definitely contributing to the cycle. Strangely, both of these compounds are really aiding in my cardio, though by reputation they normally wouldn't.

  24. I apologize this sorta fell-off, but I'll cap the result briefly.

    Cycle duration: 23 days (so a little over 3 weeks).

    Net gain (lb): roughly +12. It often fluctuated as I was recomping. (i.e. I was 248 at one point but now I'm back to 242 on the last day of the cycle (mostly glycogen & water I'm assuming)

    Strength: Amazing. Hit a life-goal of 405 on flat bench at around 240lbs- I was pleased. There were not drastic jumps in strength in every department as I was at a caloric deficit everyday, but consistent and noticeable improvements.

    Sides: Just some joint punishment mainly. I currently have what I believe to be a strained tendon connecting my bicep and front delt which sucks and may result in a loss of strength in my presses during PCT. Another thing- my heart has been increasingly racey as the cycle went on. I pray its nothing aside from BP, but I know its time for the cycle to end.

    -So I'm up about 10lbs, & definitely leaner than I was 10lbs lighter prior to the cycle.
    - I was so pleased bc the Drol & SD ensured no lbm/strength was lost while cutting.
    - In total, 8 25mg pills of Drol were "pulsed" on cycle on major muscle-group days.

    PCT will be:
    Nolva: 30/20/20/10
    Mass FX started during week 2
    Shock Therapy for Pre-workout
    & all support supps. continued

  25. nice, im trying just 10mg in the morning m-f of sd, while trying to cut. im only a week in, but weight is the same, while my waist is getting smaller (the fat is just going away).

    I still have 3 weeks and plan on keeping it at 10mg e/d m-f.


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