epi/tren cycle question HELP!!!!!

  1. epi/tren cycle question HELP!!!!!

    i completed 2 30 day epi/tren cycles last year both of which yielded awesome results. However i have lost more in PCT than i had hoped.. 1st cycle lost 20% gains and 2 30% where as some have reported no loss. Having had my blood taken after last cycle i am exoeriencing a hard shut down. My total Test dropped to just 7. PCT has been Clomid 100 50 50 25 and Activate X @ 6 a day for Natty Test booster.

    Here comes the question

    If i add HCG on cycle this should help? Im assuming my less than perfect PCT is due to total close down, would HCG on cycle help to prevent this? Also any suggestions for a better stronger Natty Test

  2. anybody

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