Best PH/PS for Strength

  1. Best PH/PS for Strength

    What is best for strengh?
    Superdrol, 1,4AD, or 3AD?

    Also would it be advisable to add 4AD ro a superdrol stack. I have a couple bottles around.

  2. Superdrol really didnt hit me in the strength dept unfortunately. The weights would fly up on phera though...

  3. Same here on the Superdrol but Havoc really help me with the strenght.

  4. 5'10" and 290 pounds and strength is what you're concerned about? i wish i had this problem.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    5'10" and 290 pounds and strength is what you're concerned about? i wish i had this problem.
    haha same thoughts !

    OP mdrol and xtren made my strength go through the roof!

  6. My strength isn't bad but it could be better.

    Squat 580
    Bench 470
    DL 650
    Military 365

    never strong enough

  7. Why not just pin mate?

  8. m-drol x-tren are def two of the best for strength but the sides get bad at higher doses... i really liked pplex for strength too strength went up a ridiculous amount.. although i did run test prop with it, so im sure that added to the strength increase.. i still recovered better then mdrol and tren alone on the pplex/testp cycle

  9. I have gotten better strength gains out of Superdrol than Havoc, gains were easier to keep on Havoc though. Of course, a lot of variables come into play (work out, diet, PCT..)


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