PCT with cycle or after??

  1. PCT with cycle or after??

    just about to start a 3 week cycle of M1T. Gonna use nolva as pct
    my plan is 10 mg week 1, 20 mg week 2-3(M1T) Was planning to run nolva after cycle at 40mg for 14 days and 20 mg for remaining 14 days. Just wondering if i would be wise to use 10 mg nolva throughout 3 week cycle?? I ask cause i have genetics that make me have excess fatty tissue on chest(no lumps, just fat). Or should I skip the nolva and if it becomes problem(soreness, lump forming) then jump on the nolva? And would clomid be of any benefit with nolva?
    thnx bro's

  2. No need to run nolva during cycle, unless you experience gyno symptoms. Just start the nolva the day after your last M1t dose. Using nolva & clomid together can help speed up recovery, but its not a neccessity. Clomid wont help for gyno though.

  3. bump on that...Id hold off on the nolva while on unless the side effects warrant use of it
    you'll do just fine with you dose of just nolva for PCT. dont really see the need to add clomid

  4. Clomid with Nolva will bring t levels up quicker. I do pct with 100 mgs clomid 40 mgs nolva weeks one, 50 mg's clomid 20 mgs nolva week 2

  5. thnx bros's



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