tren epi hair loss question

  1. tren epi hair loss question

    Ok, so here is what im thinking. gonna run an x-tren cycle in feb. and i want to stack it with some epi. all the anecdotal accounts I have read here and elsewhere seem to conclude that shedding usually occurs in the third and fourth weeks of the cycle, so i was thinking of running it this way
    e-stane -0/0/20/30

    1.does this make sense to avoid the androgenic hair loss?
    2. will two weeks of epi even make a diffrence ?
    any help would be appreciated guys
    p.s I will run propper support sups. and a "real" pct clomid/torem/natty test booster thanx antdawg-

  2. I don't think you'll nocie 2 weeks of epi, if you're super worried about hair loss why not run something like mdrol at 10/10/20/20? or at least run the xtren at lower dose, even 60mg is certainly strong enough to feel, then just run the epi for 4 weeks at 20mg. if hair loss is an issue there are better cycles imo.

  3. thank's for the input .the thing is i came into a bunch of epi super cheap.and as for the x-tren I ran that a few months ago with minimal sides,back pumps libido went m.i.a but no hair loss or even major acne.this would be my first epi run so i dont know if hair loss would even be an issue.

  4. 2 wks of epi won't do anything productive and would be a waste. For hairloss prevention you can go a couple routes, three I would recommend would be, and these are in order of what I would start with...

    - Toco-8
    - Nizoral 2% Shampoo
    - Spironolactone cream
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  5. epi will make you shed, you should really subsitute it for something else, if you decide to run mdrol please keep us informed on how your hair held up. Also tell us if you know for sure you are prone to losing hair thanks,



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