what are you stocking up on?

  1. what are you stocking up on?

    just curious what every one is stocking up on before the ban .ive got a good stash of m1t and 6 oxo . was thinking about methyld but decided not because of bad reviews and purity tests . i think m1t is tried and true and ill continue to stock up on it. anyone ever try ox-bol by nutrition warehouse looks interesting . peace

  2. I am going the m1t 4ad route myself. If my m14add cycle goes well I will definately stock up on that. Considering the side effects are so small. I am still waiting for the jury to come back on the mdien. But if it all turns out good I will stock up on some of that. I love the prosust if it wasnt so expensivew I would definately get quite a bit more of that also. In its place I will probably get some 4adcyp and prop powder. Then homebrew it in the future. I might grab some more m5aa also it is dirt cheep. Well that is my wish list for now. I might even grab some 19nordiol for some transdermal cycles in the future. That is one ph I have never used yet.

  3. not stockin up on anything. after doing m1t i'm not sure if i want to do anabolics anymore. i've had nothing but great success with m1t & t-1final.....but i kinda miss being natural.

  4. Most likely 4ad pro-sust, hopefully some 4-oht deca if sldge gets it done in time.

  5. 1-Test
    possibly M1T & M5AA

    BTW,you don't need to stock up on 6-OXO Megalug, there's better stuff like Clomid & Nolva.

  6. I'll definately stock up on what I need to make three years worth of T-1Pro if the gel ever becomes available again ... but it's been awhile since it's been listed on PN.

    I wished I'd picked up more ephedrine at a decent price earlier. Though I love the stuff I have a hard time paying twice what I was.

    I've had good success with a cycle of m1,4add so maybe that too. But to tell you the truth, if I can't buy PH legally after this I'll turn to real gear. Since a good friend just made the switch, the hardest part - finding a source that won't dick you - won't be a concern.

    But I really like my experiance with T-1Pro and hope I can continue using it. But those items have been absent from PN a little too long now and I'm beginning to wonder ....

  7. All I havd got to say is that if they go Schedule III you might want to be careful on your stock up..

  8. All the Diablo I can get my hands on

  9. OK, here goes.....

    4 bottles 1-AD
    20g 4-AD (need more of this)
    8 bottles of original Meso M1-T
    6g of M1-T powder
    7g of M5-AA powder
    5g of M1,4-ADD powder
    2g of MD powder
    3 bottles of Nolva (need more)

    Need some 1-test powder to stack with M1,4-ADD

  10. The 'legality' of owning, stocking and using any of this is the least of my concerns.

    The ease in which you ordered and received online from great people at Designer Supplements and Power Nutrition was the big advantage to using prohormones.

  11. I have only heard that androsteniodione was being banned, did I miss something that just broke on this topic?
    Why would you stock up on 4-AD and 1-AD and such, how soon are they looking to be banned?

  12. It's uncertain as to when, but reading the articles some of the companies are almost inviting the FDA to ban the more potent ph's. It might be a good idea to go ahead and reserve a few because from what I hear (from reputable sources) there won't be a 60 day grace period like ephedra. If you wait till the last minute there might not be any available or the prices might go up.


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