Feel Like have reached Plateu and need some expert advice!

  1. Feel Like have reached Plateu and need some expert advice!

    Hi guys,

    Hope every one had an enjoyable crimbo! Basically my story is as follows! I started trainig trainig about 18 months ago as i had health issues- high blood pressure bad resting heart beat and i was over weight! I am 6ft 6 and at that point weighed about 21 stone! I am now down to 13 stone 6 pounds and have a good blood pressure and resting heart beat etc.. I have lost a lot of the bulk i had and am beggining to look a bit thin. I have been hitting the weights pretty hard for the last 9 months and have an okay workout and an okay diet.

    I think my major problem is probably over training as i go to the gym 5-6 day a week and work a lot of the same muscles all the time; chest the most followed by bi's tri's and the back and shoulders. I do a lot of of chest and bi's and not enough of the rest. This is due to when being over weight had serious moobs and flabby arms but now are nice and toned and worried if i dont do them nearly every day they will go again. Realise this is stupid but will prob keep doing anyway but just make sure i match it with equal amout of back and shoulders too! Sorry this is long winded but no one else iknow has any knowledge so i would really appreciate a bit of someones time.

    I have decided i want to give some products ago to take me to the next stage. I currently have my body fat at 15% and like i said my weight is the 13 stone 6 pounds. My goal is to reduce my body fat a lot more and increase lean muscles! My goal would be about 16 stone but of muscle and hardly any fat! I am willing to train very hard to achieve this. On the product side of things my local spit and sawdust gym sells m1t and i am considering using this! I have been doing my research about this product and there is a lot of mixed feelings about it.

    What would you guys suggest about products to use? Is m1t good on its own or would it be more effective stacked with something else? After my research i thought i would start a 4 week cycle on on tab a day also with some milk thistle extract for my liver. I hope this is correct?

    Is a PCT advisable with m1t and if so what do you recommend. Novo?

    what i am really asking is i need advice on the best and strongest steroid alternative and how to cycle. I would consider giving the real thing ago but i do not know a source where i am from!

    I have read a lot of posts and i know you experienced guys get fustrated with spoon feeding the newbies but i have been researching for about six months now and just need a little direction.

    also found this stack which i think includes everything i would need! (I think)

    I am not allowed to post links but the product is called HARDCORE MUSCLE STACK (ORAL) amd is on the primordialperformance and contains;

    1-T Liqua -vade
    Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade

    This comes with full cycle instruction; what do you think?

    Cheers for readings guys and i look forward to hearing from someone.

  2. First thing, these are not steroid alternatives. They are oral steroids. Second, you did not mention anything about leg training. Before you dive into the world of anabolics, you need to get your training and diet in check. A lot of beginners neglect legs. It is distressing because leg training is the most important part of a workout program in my opinion and i know i am not alone on this. How often do you train legs, what is your workout program like? To me it sounds like you are just casually throwing around weights with no real direction, if this is the case you are not ready for these products.

    I am in know means trying to "flame" you. But knowledge is vital when it comes to training, and from your post it seems as if you are lacking. If I had to make reccomendation i would point you in the direction of an experienced trainer. Pick up some creatine if you want a jump start, but learn then grow. You stated you have had BP issues, this should be of more concern to you if you are considering m1t.

    The best PH for you right now would be some books and a squat rack.

  3. By the way, congrats on all the progress you have made. You should be proud of yourself, just dont move to far to fast. As you mentioned overtraining could be a problem. More is not always better.

  4. Cheers J rad,

    I have been doing a lot of research over the last week! And you are right. I need to start training smart! In regards to leg work i do neglect it as i do quite a bit of running so get some leg work in there but i know i need to address it mate. In all honesty i have been training so hard that my technique has worked but not through skill but just determination. You will laugh when you here my work out. I do this 6 days a week the same workout.


    5 sets of 10 bb bench press
    3 sets of 10 db press on each 6 inclines on the bench
    3 sets of 10 db fly
    3 sets of 10 machine chest press
    3 sets of 10 machine pec fly


    3 sets of 10 preachers curls
    3 sets of 10 machine bicep curls
    3 sets of 10 cable bicep curls
    3 sets of 10 of each 2kg incument starting at 18kg and going down to 8kg on DB


    3 sets of 10 cables pull down with staight bar
    3 sets of 10 rope pull down
    3 sets of 10 dips
    3 sets of ten tricep machine


    I just do 3 sets of 10 of seated vertical db.

    3 sets of 10 seated row
    3 sets of 10 pull down machine.

    I also do 3 sets of ten pull ups and then run 5k.

    I know it is terrible, looking into doing a proper split routine at mo. Trying to find advice online.

    I think i am going to get my routine sorted and then run with that for three months and then try the products i was talking about.

    Do you think i should limit the running?

    Thanks Again

  5. Okay, now we see what we are working with. You will be surprised to see the progress you will make when you get a good split going. I would reccomend a four or five day split. You are definitley not reaching your full potential with that workout. You have to realize that time spent recovering is just as important as time spent lifting. Your muscles do not have the ability to grow and heal if you are working them out every day.

    Remember, when lifting its more about quality and not quantity. I cant line up a full workout plan for you. What I can do is suggest that you find a good four or five day split that incorporates about twenty sets per muscle group per workout. Also, give your muscles a chance to heal. Load up on quality foods when you arent in the gym. Feel out your workouts, you will get the hang of it. I can guarantee that you will see drastic gains in strength in a week or two when you start to give your muscles a proper amount of time to heal.

    You are far from reaching your genetic potential, at 6'5 you have an impressive frame to build on. Your motivation is obviously there, now you just need to get the basics down and learn a little bit of the science behind "body building" to maximize your results. Remember that your initial goal was to improve your health, and you should not stray from that. You can take all the supps and AAS you want, but if you don't have the proper knowledge and technique you wont get very far, you may even regress. Look online, im sure you can find a good workout plan to follow, and track your workouts. Im interested to see the gains you can make now.

  6. okay bud. I will find a decnt split using you advice and will also research a decent body building diet and see how i get on. i will keep you posted. Thanks for your patience.



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