Winstrol/Epi cycle?

  1. Winstrol/Epi cycle?

    Any one run winstrol/epi together? would it be a good idea? Im lookin to get leaner and gain strength, my diet is good, lifting 5x a week(w/ swimming after and some running through out the week) I have two bottles of epi and im getting some winstrol tabs. I was gonna run winstrol by it self @50mg for 8 weeks, but I read it would be better to stack with something. I know it would be very dry, thats what Im wondering if it would be too much?
    Suggestions please

    Also my pct would be
    mass fx
    post cycle support
    cycle support

    Suggestions please

  2. K, first off.. Winny is a bad choice by itself. It's harsh on the body, & very harsh on the joints. Not to mention it's a bitch when it comes to hair loss & it's one of the worst things out there for killing your libido unless it's stacked with Test. Furthermore, why stack an Anabolic Steroid with a Pro-Hormone? I'd suggest finding some Test Prop and stacking it with the Winstrol. Or you could even stack it with Var or Tbol for similiar results since those two are much less harsh on the body compared to Winnie.

  3. Hpride, you sound like a prohibition site, but i know your just trying to help. I agree winn sucks unless your going to cut, epi helps a lot to clear out that dreaded water. The funny thing about epi is I gain the same amount of body mass during my recovery cycle. Cut down to a 3 to 4 day workout unless your going to use a sdrol-test, I promise it will work, your body has to repair itself.

  4. Only speaking the truth bro.

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