Question regarding blood work....

  1. Question regarding blood work....

    I was hoping I could get some feedback regarding blood work for those that get this done. I currently have no health insurance, but I would like to get some blood work done. (Baseline liver function values, Test and Estradiol levels)

    Can I have this done affordabley and independently since I have no health insurance?

    I have a small amount of gyno behind my right nipple that flared up and it hhas become painful. I want to get my hormones checked out before I take any course on it to determine if it's hormone related. I haven't used any anabolics, it is idiopathic gyno. Didn't have it pubescently either and I am not overweight.


  2. Given the lack of responses, I guess everyone just uses their health insurance or doesn't bother with blood work.

    If I can find it at an affordable rate I'll run a low dose of epi and get pre and post blood work and see if it lowers estradiol.

  3. YEs, it can be done, there is a good place in scottsdale man. . . Give me a min and I will post up the name of the place

  4. Its Called Any Lab Test Now, They have a website so you can see the prices. They also offer discounts on multi panels.

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