Started PCT...

  1. Started PCT...

    I was wondering some about my PCT. I started PCT on Sunday, 4 days ago.

    Since then, I have worked out twice and strength and intensity seem to be about the same. Previously, I have noticed strength and intensity drop rapidly after my cycle.

    I was on for 4 weeks, and I was taking: 100mg 1-Test, 150mg 4AD transdermally twice daily. Durring my cycle I gained about 12 pounds. As best as I can measure, I gained about 7 lean pounds and 5 pounds of fat. Currently, I am on maintenance calories, maybe still just a bit over maintenance.

    I started Nolva and ZMA a few days before completing my cycle.

    As I mentioned, strength and intensity are fine. Libido is also doing well also.

    My big question is, when should I expect strength to decline? Should I have noticed something by now?


  2. I noticed my strength decline around 3 weeks. I don't think there's an exact time frame, but probably varies from person to person and also what type of PH you were taking. The given time above was after a transdermal cycle of 1-Test/4-AD. When I was using 5aa the strength decline was almost immediate after I stopped.

  3. I usually still feel strong for the first 5 days, then lose a little. I am 2 weeks into PCT & have lost 6 lbs, but only the tinyiest bit of strength.

    Try to keep your calories above maintenance while on PCT, that will definitely help.

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