My first cycle ever... got some andro... need some advice

  1. My first cycle ever... got some andro... need some advice

    Hi all... I am 29 and have been lifting off and on for 12 years... when I heard they were pulling andro from the market, I went to the local GNC and bought some as it was dirt cheap. I got "Andro Nitrate Fuel".. I've searched the board but it doesn't seem like too many are using this product. I know there are better out there but I already have it and I plan on using it.. here is the breakdown:

    4-AD-EC (4-androstenediol diethylcarbonate ester)
    1-AD-EC (1-androstenediol ethylcarbonate)
    **-EC (17-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-one ethylcarbonate ester)

    It says 100mg per tablet, but it doesn't breakdown how much is 4-AD, 1-AD, etc.

    My questions are:

    1) How much should I be taking? I've got 2 bottles of 60 and I planned on doing a 4 week cycle so I have enough for 4 pills a day... is this enough or should I try to find some more?

    2) PCT. After this cycle, do I need to take 6-OXO or would Nolva be better? I believe it should be taken for 4 weeks after, not 2?


  2. Honestly, that's a really poor product. Orally, I needed over 1,500mg per day 4ad for results. A long time ago when I took 1ad, it was 500+mg per day. Hope you still have your receipt; I'd return that product.

    Do a little research on the board about transdermals.

  3. First thing - return your items. No point in wasting cash there.

  4. There are much better options available that what you have, thats why there isnt any info on them here. As far as PHs go: if GNC carries it, its not very good. That stuff is way underdosed, you'd need a lot of it to get anything from it. 4ad is not very good orally, you'd need 600mg-1000mg daily. For 1ad, typical dose is 300-600mg daily. 4 pills/day of what you have would only give you 400mg total, you'd probably need more like 12 pills/day.

    You wont gain much from a 4-week cycle as these things take a few weeks to kick in & to see gains. A 6-week cycle would suit you much better. My best advice is to get a 1-test/4ad transdermal & get rid of the stuff.

    Nolva is better for PCT than 6-oxo, & 3-4 weeks is normal PCT protocol. I use 4 weeks descending dose at 40mg/30mg/20mg/10mg.

  5. Thanks for the replies everyone... looks like I will be returning the stuff... too bad, I was looking forward to trying it out... I knew I would need much more than the recommended dose of 1 tab a day but it sounds like I would have to take around 10 if not more so a bottle wouldn't even last a week!



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