Dione better than Diol?!?!

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  1. Originally posted by John Benz

    weissmuller, you seem like a nice and very well educated young man, but at 16 (ok, almost 17), you are still a kid, and far too young to be so deeply immersed in things you realistically shouldn't be using for years. I don't have anything against you, and I don't mean to sound so negative, but my stance on teens and ph is a firm one. Nevertheless, I wish I had known half as much at your age as you do. Peace.
    I definatley understand how this is knowledge that I shouldn't be applying for a long time and don't plan on.  Even more importantly I don't wanna hurt this boards reputation as being a breeding ground for teen steroids use and completely understand how negative this could be.  But the info is something that fascinates me and is probally gonna be a vital part of my future unless I wanna work in lab analyzing fabric dyes.  Non the less I'll try to keep my posting to minimium on these topics.  My last wish is to be a pesk or annoyance.

    I also appologize for highjacking this thread.  Hope the discussion can get back to the centeral topic.

  2. hey weissmuller, dont let anybody tell u when to post, or what to post. i personally think its great that there r some teens out there who actually know there **** as well as u, and i think it just helps all of us. u probably know more than most of the people on this board, despite ur age. plus, knowing as much as u do, by the time u r old enough to make that leap into ph/aas use, providing u decide to, u will have years of research behind u. i hope u continue to keep posting and helping bros out around here. peace

    by the way, john, i think u and i both r too stubborn and stuck in our places to take one anothers point of view on this prohormone/steroid business, so we will just leave it at that. i hope i havent angered u with this, cuz i think we can help each other in the future.


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