1st time PH, Andro RX Then TREN

  1. 1st time PH, Andro RX Then TREN

    Trying to plan ahead and get the Tren before it is no longer available. little info on myself. I am not in the best shape ever right now. Have only been doing maintenance lifting for the last 3 months. With my college football career ending, I have never taken anything. I would like to take Andro first and then a cycle of tren. I have been looking around and want to figure out what the best PCT and other things to stack would be for me.

    Height: 5'11'' Weight:220 BF: 14 three months ago probably 17 now. 225 reps x 16 Pull ups x 27 Not really sure what my squat is I always went light because of a bad back, but destroy leg press. My plan is to get into my own workout routine for a month or so before starting anything. It should be strange not having a coach tell me what, when, and how to lift. Then I want to take an Andro-rx Cycle. After cycling off I then want to start a Tren cycle. I want to do this the right way and the healthiest way considering what I will be doing to my body. What else should I be or not be taking? Thanks for the help.

    1st Cycle
    Andro Rx
    Questions here are what should I take with this and what should I use for PCT? I see the Andro rx reccomends
    ANABOLIC-MATRIX Rx and possibly stacking it with

    2nd Cycle
    Take The primordial performance Hardcore stack as directed on the site which includes the following:
    TREN Liqua-Vade
    Sustain Alpha
    EndoAmp Ma
    Considering adding: Phyto-Testostrone CAPS throughout the whole cycle(PCT as well).

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