M1-t and lower back pumps, tightness

  1. M1-t and lower back pumps, tightness

    I have done a search and read a lot about people experienceing lower back tightness and pumps while on m1-t. Does anyone know what would cause this? I have been useing m1-t for 5 days now and today I have noticed the stiff back people have been mentioning. Not worried but just curious what is the cause since it is so common. Friday is back day and I'm not sure if I should attempt deadlifts or not. Monday after squats I could barely walk from my back being so tight.

    Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this.

  2. I'm not sure whats causes it, but supplement with Taurine and it will go away. I couldn't do deadlifts the first week I was on M1T.

    I took 2500mg of Taurine a day and it worked for me.

  3. have you tried stretching it out?

  4. Yeah I thought about picking up some taurine. I stretched out before I went to bed last night and I don't feel any tightness this mornig.
    I'm not worried about it, I was expecting it. It's just that doing the simplest things around the house cause my back to get real tight, I didn't really think about it affecting my workouts on back and leg days.

  5. I was taking 2g Taurine & 1g potassium on my last M1t cycle & it didnt help a bit. I was not able to squat at all the last 2 weeks of it. I had to sit down for 10 minutes before I could even walk out of the gym after bent rows. I was having to sit down while grocery shopping because it got so tight. I really thought something was wrong beyond the m1t, but its now gone 2 weeks after the cycle. I will up the dosages of taurine & potassium next time & see if that helps. I am prone to low back pain, so nothing may work completely.

  6. i am not sure if this is right, but I believe I also heard someone say magnesium? or one of those common ones work better than the taurine/potassium...not sure if it was magnesium tho. any I had some lower back pump, but I just ate a bananna a day and it was manageable. Hell, I have worse cramps on clen than m1t. I just grunt through it.

  7. Made it throught back and bi's day yesterday. Did 4 working sets of dead lifts and my lower back did not cramp up as bad as I thought it would. Actually barbell rows caused my lower back to cramp up more than dead lifts.


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