Purus E-Pol cycle

  1. Purus E-Pol cycle

    I'm new here guys to bear with me lol. I'm going to start my E-pol cycle in about a month, but thought I might as well get everything in line right now. I have the e-pol, organ shield, and recycle (all Purus products). I've read up most of the other threads about the PH, but what would you guys recommend as far as dosage and PCT? Follow the bottle and take 2 ed? And is Recycle alone good enough post cycle? Thanks!

  2. get a natty test booster for pct too

  3. You need a serm as well. If you absolutely cannot get a serm Id try pulsing it so you don't get as shut down. I just finished a 2 week cycle of 2 epol 2 caps/day and made great gains, up about 10.5 lbs in that time and I used toremefine for my pct with dtpc and I lost most of the weight by I have kept all of my strength and continued gaining through pct.

  4. you lost most of your weight? during your pct? guess you should try a different pct next time..

  5. What test booster would u recommend? And should I include creatine in my PCT also?



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