quick gyno question

  1. quick gyno question

    Im currently taking 1-T by PP. I have pubertal gyno...not horrible but pretty sizeable lumps behind each one of my nipples. I was just wondering if my gyno could get worse without feeling any symptoms. Like without icthing can the stuff just grow??? I may be paranoid but i just dont want it getting any wworse and looking in the mirror sometimes i think it does. Thanks for the help.....

  2. Yes it can and has for me over the years.Always a good idea to have letro on hand just in case.

  3. thanks man....Thats what i was afraid of. How do i know if i should take the letro or not? Like how do i know if its in my head or not if i dont feel any symptoms?

  4. This hard to answer for everyone. I also had pubesent gyno so it is easy for any hormone including prosterorids to aggrevate it at least in my case. Best way for me to tell if something is swelling is by holding my arm straight up and feeling around the nipple for puffiness or small knots.The bad thing about letro is it kills your sex drive and makes the joints hurt more.

  5. just for knowledge, do you always have itchiness or sensitivity w gyno, can you get gyno but ur nips still feel fine ?

  6. yeah ive always had puffieness and knots.....so i dunno.


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