purus labs cycle help

  1. purus labs cycle help

    Hey guys just wanted to get some feedback on a couple of things.
    I am plannin of doing the halovar and epol stack by purus labs as it is shown on the side of the bottle. I am 20 years old, 155 lbs 5'7, I did a tren compound about 3 months ago and put on some nice tone but I definitely want to get more ripped nd a little more size. I work at a nutrition store so I have everythin I need, I am planning on runnin the stack as it is shown on the bottle, whey protein, casein protein for the nights, organ shield, zma, animal pak, diet will not be that high in carbs nd plenty of water lol. So a couple of questions ...
    1. I wanted to know since the halovar is a hardener, can I do the epol first followed by the halovar as it is shown on the bottle?
    2.is it a smart idea to run zma nd/or tribulus while on the cycle? (I have seen some of the newest prohormone with tribulus already in it, nd actually made some sense to me)
    3.about pct, I have a friend who is a doctor who can get a prescription serm, which would be the best one? Nd is just dat enough or should irun the serm along with an Otc pct?
    I really appreciate all ur help nd w.e advise u have for me, I'm not plannin on startin for a couple months since I wanted to have everything on lock.
    Thnks again. Juandab90

  2. First of all your 20 and you should NOT be takeing pro hormones at all. Ecspecially the ones you just said that are basically Superdrol, tren, and hdrol. secondly, I would think that working in a supplement store you would have more common sense than this but then agian your the same kind of ignorant fool that has caused the ban that is happening next mounth, so I think I speak for everyone on this forum when I say get off this website and do some real research on proper nutrition and training before you get what ph's we do have left banned too

  3. And your 155ibs!

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