Halovar Cycle

  1. Halovar Cycle

    I'll be running my first PH cycle with Halovar, and ill keep an update log. I just received my serm, nolva, today so I'm all set with that, just waiting on my shipment of Halovar tomorrow. The cycle will be like this.

    4 Weeks.



    Nolva 20/20/20/20

    I'm also stocking up on some p-plex and m-drol for my next cycle, which will be later on next year.

  2. Started my cycle today. 50mg.
    Will post my results of my workout and additional review for the upcoming week on Friday.

  3. Update:

    First week of my cycle has been great. Some sides such as mild acne, oily skin. Strength is up a little, and I can see better muscle definition and hardness. I'm hoping to get more strength by the end of the second week, then I'm upping to 75mg.

    Starting weight was 186.8

    Weight now is 188.2

  4. 4 weeks of halodrol? Really? Kind of a waste IMO. I would do at least 6

  5. Well, its my first ph cycle. I was also thinking about extending it, or even doing p-plex for weeks 5-6? What do you think? I'm currently bulking, almost at my target weight of 195.

  6. how did it workout. muscle definition strength etc.


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