New CEL product Methyl 1-AD

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  1. The M1AD may be more tolerable and desirable than M1T b/c of the lower conversion rate versus just taking a 5mg tablet of m1t. You may only get 2-4mgs of M1T in your system depending on the M1AD dose, but that is plenty and much safer and usable and sustainable than say the 20mg, 4 week cycle of M1T I did several years ago (gained 21 lbs). Both 2 week 10mg-20mg cycles I ran, I gained 15 lbs each time.

    Whoever said this compound and/or M1T is not a great mass builder has not run M1T before. It originated the methyl craze in 2003 or 2004 and granted there is a lot of water retention within the muscle it is extremely anabolic (9-16x as anabolic as testosterone). I gained about a pound a day every time I ran it. Of course the gains are very hard to maintain and the side effects are no joke. Strength increases are massive too. It's a very potent mass and strength builder, more so than the currently available PH orals, but also more toxic.

    I will definitely grab a bottle of this product when it comes out.

    Now, when is CEL going to come out with Mibolerone-diol and oust m1t as the most toxic, most anabolic, (and most androgenic) oral PH/PS marketed to date? And send us all to the hospital with liver failure, LOL. Bolasterone-diol looks good too.

    Maybe a supp company will be crazy enough to come out with some of these insanely powerful and not very safe to consume PS's in the future. And they will probably do like MassTabs (MethylStenbolone/"Stenbolone(TM)" on the label) and list tribulus as the first ingredient and in the middle, they will put Mibolerone(TM) to be subtle and confuse the DEA by trademarking the name of an already scheduled CIII AAS to conceal the fact that they are using an unscheduled PS in their product.

  2. Lol well dang I guess I will have to look out for another thing.

  3. im 2 scared to try this new ph anyway im not expierenced enough lol

  4. So is it a methyl 1-alpha/methyl xt clone or that ams poduct??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by indianballer View Post
    So is it a methyl 1-alpha/methyl xt clone or that ams poduct??
    Methyl XT was absolutely not a M1A clone

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  6. This is amazing news. THANKS

  7. This sounds great!
    I will definitely get and run on my next cycle.
    Looks like I am standing in a long line to pick this up.



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