1. Bridging

    I am a little confused on this. If I were to run a 3 week cycle of mdrol and then 4 week pct; I would then take off a total of 7 weeks before I would start another cycle of mdrol? Is this where I would run the bridge of a less harsh compound? Is that what bridge is or couldnt I just run another 3 weeks of mdrol. How do you guys go about this?

    Also, if I got this right with the 7 weeks on (including pct) what would be a good bridge between mdrol cycles?


  2. Bridge is when you go from one substance over to another in the same cycle, normally running both "first" week of the second.


    Mdrol week 1-3
    Epi week 3-6


  3. I would personally take off more than 7 weeks. I would wait 10-12 weeks before starting another cycle, you have to remember these compunds put your body under a lot of stress. Even though you may not feel a great deal of side effects bloodwork shows what this compund especially can do to the body. Be safe take more time off, make sure you have all your support supps in line as well.

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