Next PH/DS cycle and dosing advice appreciated

  1. Next PH/DS cycle and dosing advice appreciated

    Hi, I am new to posting on this forum, but have used info on this site with sucess. Any opinions on what my next cycle should be?? here's a little background info:

    Years lifting: about 4
    Height: 5'6"
    BF: about 10-12% (not sure but visible abs)
    Current lifts:

    Front squat:255x5
    Bench: 235x5
    Smith Shoulder press: 215x4
    BB Row:225x4

    I have run 2 PH's previously with success: (both w/ cycle support and post cycle support)
    -Epistane 4 weeks (1st cycle great success)
    -H-drol 6 weeks(2nd cycle good success)

    I will be bulking with a goal of gaining a lot mass and some strength and KEEPING IT as much as possible. Was thinking p-plex?? or m-drol?? or maybe epi again since it was great the first time?? or perhaps a compound i have not thought of??
    Planning on starting Jan. or early Feb. sometime

    Any advice from the experienced lifter around here is highly appreciated!!
    Thanks, Adam.

  2. bump... any suggestions??

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