No stimulants with Epi?

  1. No stimulants with Epi?

    I thought I read this in a thread on another website, but I can't remember where it was.

    Has anyone heard of this? That it's bad to use a preworkout stimulant if you're using Epi? If this is true, what's the reasoning behind it?

    Just curious!

  2. the only reason to not use stims with ph/ds/aas would be if u have BP issues

  3. true. but if you have no BP issues you can use it if you want. I used SP250 when I ran epi the first time with no issues

  4. No BP issues, and had never heard the "no stim" advice before. Wanted to check it out, just in case!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  5. its becuz it dries people out on its own, and stims tend to send water out of the body. Basically just to avoid some joint pain.

  6. I have been told it is best while "on" you use the basics, like whey and glutamine, save NO, creatine, and stim products for pct, on cycle you can just let the PH do all the work and use those other products to help keep your gains during PCT and going forward


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