FIRST Pinning CYCLE-Test P

  1. FIRST Pinning CYCLE-Test P

    Hey guys, you may have read my logs...Im done with Orals, and feel ready to inject. Im thinking about a simple Test P cycle, not sure if I should do 8 or 10 weeks, any suggestions, PCT will be Nolva and Arimidex. Diet will be very clean

  2. or Winny for 6 weeks, PCT will be Nolva

  3. comon, any suggestions or opinions.....

  4. test p works at 5-6 weeks also. Just FYI 100mg e2d

  5. I would go Test-E, IMO ..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    I would go Test-E, IMO ..
    Mine too, whats your age, weight?
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  7. wouldn't go test p or winny for first injectable winny when i shoot it's ed minium and test p is eod minimum that is alot of shots for a first injectable cycle, as you probally know i've done both multiple times. One of the nice things though about test p is its out of your system quick so if you get the test flu or don't like the sides you can discontiune and it will be out the system also ijectable winny if you get tired of shooting you can mix with your oj so your choices have some pluses and minuses to them

  8. six weeks test p is a great first cycle as long as u have realistic goals... i just finished a cycle of six weeks test p with pplex and it was great... i mean if u dont want to use any orals thats understandable... but running a low dose of something for 4 or 5 weeks at a low dose stacked with test p can be very effective while minimizing side effects from the test... what are your goals.. u could easily stack test p with an organized clen and t3 regime for a sick cut or test p and anavar... for a bulk use your favorite effective oral stacked with a larger dose of test.. you have alot of options.. i wouldnt use winny tho.. your better off with var if your trying to minimize liver damage

  9. ^Whats realistic for 6 weeks prop? Been looking in to prop for a while as my first cycle. I wanna do a serious cut/recomp come spring time.

  10. Thanks for the input guys. My goal is to cut/ gain as much LM as possible. Im 22, 6'3, 235, been lifting 5-6 years. Test P is cheaper but Im worried about the side effects, Im not looking to gain alot of mass, I just want to build lean muscle, which to me is easier to maintain


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