Crazy Situation with a Microdrol Cycle

  1. Crazy Situation with a Microdrol Cycle

    Hey Guys, I'm new here and I have a question I hope one of you seasoned veterans can help me with.

    I recently applied for life insurance and as such had to get blood work ran. I just got a call today saying that I was denied the insurance policy because I have elevated liver functions. When I got this blood test taken I was taking no-explode, cellmass, animal pak and stak and protein. I also felt like I was getting a cold a few days prior to the test so I had been megadosing on vitamin C. I think this might have influenced the test but I don't know so I'm going to see a Dr. this coming week.

    Anyway a week after the test I started a cycle of microdrol this is my first prohormone cycle but now that I got this call from the insurance company I'm wondering if I should cut the cycle short and just wait to see what happens when I go to the Dr. The problem is I've only been on the cycle for 11 days. I've already gained 5 lbs and had some crazy strength gains. I'm taking 1000mgs of milk thistle a day plus whats in the animal paks and have discontinued the use of cell mass and no-explode right now. I have PCT on hand any advice would be greatly appreciated. What should I do?


  2. When you go to the doctor, they are going to try to determine why your blook work was elevated. I would be very concerned if your liver values were elevated PRIOR to taking Microdrol. You definitely want to get that figured out, and rethink taking methyls if you have a pre-existing liver issue.

    Your best bet is probably to end the cycle and apply for life insurance somewhere else after PCT. Hopefully, your levels normalize and if not, you can at least know you have an issue with your liver you should address.

    I have purchased additional life insurance many times via employers and have never had to give blood to do it. Seems kind of odd.

  3. Elevated liver enzymes and methylated steriods are a bad combo, I suggest you stop the cycle ASAP and address the liver issues, also the SERM will bother the liver some too so you may want to skip that but I don't know if you are too far into the cycle where you really need it to kickstart the hpta

    The night before the bloodword were you drinking, taking excessive amounts of painkillers anything like that? Were you fasted before getting blood taken?

  4. I don't drink at all. I was fasting for 12 hours before the bloodtest. I reduced my dose of microdrol down to a 1ml instead of 2ml tonight and will discontinue it tomorrow upon this advice. I have anabolic Xtreme PCT on hand should I start taking that and if so for how long considering I didn't do a full cycle?


  5. This sounds like something you'd see on nightline.

    young man dies from steroid use. liver failure. and of course, "the young man who took methylated oral steroids knowing he had elevated liver enzymes, high enough for him to get denied life insurance" wouldn't be blamed, oh no, it would be those evil supplement manufactures fault.

    please, I just dont understand it. you find this out, and go ahead an take oral methylated steroids.

    and to top it off, you planned on using otc pct supplement not really meant to use by itself after a steroid cycle.

    you should be kicked in the nutz, then punched in the face.
    but instead i'll quit preaching and tell you what you already know to do, stop the cycle, and use the xtreme pct or w/e it is you have.

    figure out whats up with your liver. most of the time, steroid deaths and other serious injuries from steroid use are a result of users having an unknown pre existing health condition which anabolic steroid make worse.

    i mean, seriously, why would you do such a thing?

    go to the doctor. and at the same time, purchase a book. either anabolic pharmacology by Seth Roberts. or what I have, Anabolics 9th edition (2009) by William Llewellyn. read it. then after you know you are healthy, with no pre existing medical conditions (like something that would get you denied life insurance.) then begin planning your next cycle so you can run it properly, and safely. and come out a happy camper.


  6. Superdrol + OTC PCT = FAIL.

  7. Thank you for the advice and again just so you know I only found out yesterday 11 days into my cycle that my liver enzymes were elevated prior to the start of my cycle. There was really no indication of this at all. I'm also an honest guy and told them that I had used drugs 5 years ago and went to a rehab to get off that so that probably had something to do with the denial as well but regardless I quit the cycle today and have a drs. apt for Tuesday. Assuming everything is ok with the liver and I can begin and finish a full cycle again in 2 or 3 months any tips on what PCT to use? I had heard a lot of good reviews about the anabolic extreme PCT.


  8. leave anabolic androgenic steroids alone.

  9. Went to the Dr. today. She said it may be nothing that sometimes liver enzymes can spike for no reason so she took some more blood and tested for hep A & B and I'll get the results on Monday.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
    Superdrol + OTC PCT = FAIL.
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
    Superdrol + OTC PCT = FAIL.


    yes if you have ever been admitted into rehab most life ins companies deny you. seen it many times.

  12. K first off. Went back to the Doc today and got Test Results. All liver enzymes are normal! Also since I only got to do a 11 day cycle which is super small I only did 11 days of PCT and kept 50% of my gains no gyno nothing.

  13. Your liver normalized itself in 10days?

  14. Yah man, I'm tellin you the spike had to have been caused by the megadosing of vitamin C.

  15. High liver encymes can also be caused by weight lifting prior the test.

  16. That's another possibility I was thinking man but the test was Monday morning at 10 am and my last workout was Saturday at around noon. I dunno if that much of a break would still elevate things.


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