First time PH side fx? common cold?

  1. First time PH side fx? common cold?

    I have done a bunch of reading/research and not seen anything about it so I'm assuming this is a pure coincidence - has anyone had sore throat, common cold types of sides when running first cycle. V-Tren?

  2. getting sick when you go on cycle is not uncommon. has happened to me. used to be called "test flu" by og guys. i wouldn't worry too much about it, just take your multi and get more than usual sleep and drink tons of water. if doesn't go away in 5-6 days then maybe look into it further.

  3. Thanks man

  4. 1 week in. Other then the body heat (face always on fire), I am doing much better. Only thing now is ridiculous congestion and thick mucus at night when I sleep. What the heck? Hope it subsides so I can get a good nights sleep soon.
  5. dpfisher
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    If you are able to monitor your blood pressure and it's not raised already just take pseudoephedrine or ephedrine and watch the BP. Some people get jacked up blood pressure from even pseudoephedrine. And keep drinking plenty of water.



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