3rd Cycle Advice, Possible Bridge questions

  1. 3rd Cycle Advice, Possible Bridge questions

    :To preface this, I recently posted here about a case of gyno rebound I experienced after my 2nd cycle (Havoc). I am currently finishing up a week of letro, and have already seen a huge reduction. The bumps are undetectable anymore (used to be marble sized), and it even seems as if the "pointyness" (for lack of a better word) is going away. Glad I'm one of the few that responds to letro treatment after the fact I'm going to run 2 weeks novla after, just in case:

    Previous Cycles -

    Dymethazine 30/30/30/30 - Great gains for me, used it at the end of a bulk, gained 15 lbs, retained 10 after PCT, went from 200 to 210 all in all. Only sides were a wee bit of back pumps which I cleared up with some taurine.

    RPN Havoc 30/30/30/30 - This compound really didnt agree with me. Joint pain was a problem during cycle, and I felt extremely lethargic. I was eating at maintenance, using this in the middle of my cut. I have vowed not to cut again until I hit the 230 mark

    That being said, I'm looking to bridge dymethazine with another compound as part of my now neverending bulk. I'm not going to start it for quite some time, as I have just cleared up (hopefully) my gyno issue and am looking to give my body a break for at least a couple months.

    I have seen numerous s-drol/p-plex bridges on different sites, and all seem to be going well.

    So, my current idea, feel free to rip it apart

    P-Plex 20/30/30/20
    Dymethazine 0/0/0/30/30/30/30
    Will have letro on hand in case gyno flares up.

    Nolvadex 20/20/10/10
    Reversitol 3/2/2/1

    I'll preload hawthorne berry on top of cycle assist

    Though process - I know Dymethazine isnt superdrol. I chose it because it is a familiar compound to me, and i know my body handles it well. From what i have read, p-plex tends to be quite a wet compound, whereas dymethazine was very dry for me, so this is the old "start wet, finish hard" theology. Starting with phera will also let me know how my body reacts to it specifically, rather than guessing if its a combination of the two that causes any future problems.

    Also, it took Dymeth about 1.5 weeks to really kick in, so i might even start it a half week earlier than i described.

    Oh, and current stats:
    213 lbs
    Unsure on BF%, havent taken it in a while, guessing 11-12%
    Max Lifts (all 2 rep)
    Bench 385
    Squat 435
    Rack Pull (from just below knee) 460.

    7 weeks of methyls too much?

    Would appreciate any and all replies!

  2. quick bump...

    also thinking of maybe running the dymeth at 0/0/0/15/30/30/45

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