My M-drol/E-stane Bridge Cycle: start date 1/11/10

  1. My M-drol/E-stane Bridge Cycle: start date 1/11/10

    So I will be starting this cycle on 1/11/10 as the title states and I am thrilled about running this. I ran a H-drol cycle back in September and I loved it so I am looking forward to the gains with M-drol/E-stane bridge. I made the decision on this a few days ago. I had been undecided on what exactly I wanted to run because I also have P-plex and X-tren to use. I think for what I am trying to get out this cycle these two, mdrol/estane, will work best for me. The cycle, training, and the diet will look something like this:

    Dosing by week:
    M-drol: 10/20/20

    Support Supplements:
    1 week prior I will start my Cycle Assist, maybe even 2 weeks prior
    Cycle Assist
    Animal Pak
    Fish Oil

    Clomid @ 50/100/100/100
    Jack3d - pre
    Undecided on post


    Monday : Chest/Bis
    Tuesday : Back/Abs
    Wednesday : off
    Thursday : Shoulders/abs/tris
    Friday : Legs/Cardio work
    Saturday : I like to do target workouts on this day. Such as forearms and neck building. Also throwing in heavy bag training.
    Sunday : Off

    Diet: I am going to be eating very clean. Chicken, fish, eggs and lots of peanut butter(love it). I take my carbs in at breakfast with whole grain bagels and such. I am shooting for around 3,600-4,000 calories a day. Of course I will be taking at least 2-3 protein shakes a day. I want to get around 300-350 grams of protein per day in my diet. This seems ideal to me but any critique on this would be alright by me.

    My experience with weight lifting started when I was around the age of 14. I only done one other cycle and it was with H-drol as I stated above. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. My batch number is 52897 JUN2012.

  2. do you mean nolva at 10 20 20 20?

    or clomid at 50 100 100 100?

    how about orange juice/whey protein isolat for you post? I like it.

  3. haha yea my bad

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Nolanaf67 View Post
    haha yea my bad
    This is why you should always proof read your work!

  5. looks good i'm going to shadow this cycle. i'm just waiting on my m-drol X_X i already have my e-stane and pct ready. except i'm planning on running it with 1-andro rx & 600/600/600/600/600/600. Good luck w/ your cycle

  6. I started this cycle and I did a personal log instead. I am not on my m-drol anymore and I am bridged into my epi and the results are great. I have put on about 15 pounds or more. I feel like I put on a good amount of fat for some reason lol weird. All in all so far so good. If anyone has any questions just let me know!


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