M-drol, liver support and pct

  1. M-drol, liver support and pct

    i order some m-drol, and some Tamoxifen Citrate(nolvadex). gonna do a 3 week cycle on the m-drol when do i start and how much nolvadex do i take? what else do i need?

  2. um research... if its your 1st cycle no way to know what you need so its probably best to be as cautious as possible - that starts with arming your self with all available knowledge. Once you have a good knowledge base you can make educated decisions on your cycle
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    Yeah, the best thing you can do is search. See how others have cycled it and what they did for PCT. You're going to want a support supplement such as CEL Cycle Assist or AI Cycle Support. Use it during the cycle and PCT.

    Also, from what I've seen, people would suggest a 4 week cycle, not just 3 weeks. This is up to you of course. Nolva dosing varies from 40/40/20/20 to 20/20/10/10. Research it and decided what you think you might need. You can always adjust accordingly. I hope this helps a little bit. Still learning myself, just sharing what I've read.

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