Precautionary Measures

  1. Precautionary Measures

    Hey guys running a Test E 500mg/week X 10 weeks.
    following up with Clomid 2 weeks after last shot.
    Anything in particular I should do to prevent Gyno? I'm kind of worried about it. Never had it before but I'd prefer not having it. I know adex is a good measure to prevent it, but are there any other options? Thanks

  2. anybody?

  3. No offense, well, actually if I offend you I offend you but you really should know about this stuff BEFORE buying and running gear. That would be the most important precautionary measure IMO (and I'm sure most of the other members). Also, how old are you? and more importantly-In no way should you be using injectables at this point. gain weight naturally and then AFTER you have gained some more weight, lets say 15 more solid lbs, AND AFTER you have done all the research you may start a cycle.

    just my 0.02

  4. ^^^
    I second what n8te just recommended. Do a lot more research...and then research some more.

    You seem naturally lean, but I will bet that if you up your calories enough and eat clean you can gain a solid, natural 15 lbs within the next 12 months.

    If you are over 21 and still insist on running the cycle exemestane/aromasin is another option. I think it's better b/c it's a suicide inhibitor and completely inactivates the aromatase enzyme.
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