Small Cycle

  1. Small Cycle

    My question is - Do you think it's worthwhile to do a cycle with only 10ml of 250mg/mL Test Enanthate? The cycle would be
    -50 days long
    -250mg every 5 days
    -Nolvadex PCT

    34 yo
    195 lbs
    max bench 305
    the diet is in order and I have been lifting for over 4yrs
    15 lbs LBM
    350 bench

    Any input? Thanks

  2. Not IMO, no. Your dose isn't too crazy low, but you should have a longer cycle with enth, at least 8 weeks, with 10-12 being optimal.

  3. No, you want at least 10 weeks supply with 400-500/mg a week at your disposal to run a decent cycle bro.

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