Legal gear vs. Legit gear....

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    Legal gear vs. Legit gear....

    List some pros and cons for me plz.....

    Orals made me nervous/anxious, I'm curious what a good ole shot of test-e in the ass 2x a week would feel like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21p View Post
    List some pros and cons for me plz.....

    Orals made me nervous/anxious, I'm curious what a good ole shot of test-e in the ass 2x a week would feel like.
    Aside from maybe SD, I'd say there really isn't nothing that the current legal lineup has to offer than the illegal lineup doesn't. I say SD is different because there really aren't any other orals that offer such explosive DRY gains in size and strength. When it comes to H-DROL/P-MAG/EPI, I'd rather go with something like Turinabol or Anavar. Var might be expensive to run at effective dosages, but T-Bol isn't bad if you find a good source.

    In the AAS world, Testosterone is still king. Test alone can provide pretty amazing results with very little sides and nearly every cycle would benefit from adding even 250mg/week.

    There are some orals that offer pretty amazing results. But, you can pretty much get any results you want using only injectables, and usually without harming your liver, and often with less side effects. I see some guys stacking multiple orals, or running very high dosages when they could probably make the same gains (or better) with just a high-ish dose of Test - and with less sides.

    There is always the legal risk of buying illegal steroids, but if you find a good source, I think the chances are pretty low if all you're doing is buying a cycle or two worth of gear at a time. I know people in person who use gear, and none of them nor anyone they know personally that they've ever mentioned has ever been busted for buying. I consider it more risky to homebrew, though. Getting caught with a bunch of powder in your house and the necessary equipment to manufacture steroids is going to make you look like, and probably charged like a dealer.

    Just my opinion...
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    eventually all legal gear will be illegal gear to me the only down side with real gear is injecting something that your not sure of. if you can find a scource that others have used with no problem then buy enough to last you a while ,and you should be good i mean hell after jan 4 some weak 1,4 ad bold would get you the same time as d-ball

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